Central Asian Champions (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan)

123altyn asyr

After Altyn Asyr were crowned today for the 1st time as the new Turkmenistan champions, now we know all the teams who won their respective leagues in Central Asia (Former Soviet Republics who are AFC members)

2014 Uzbek League Champions : Pakhtakor Tashkent

2014 Tajik League Champions : Istiklol Dushanbe

2014 Kyrgyz League Champions: FC Dordoi Bishkek

2014 Turkmenistan League Champions: FC Altyn Asyr

Curiously last time that Pakhtakor and Dordoi won their domestic leagues were in 2012.

Last time Istiklol Dushanbe won their domestic league was in 2011

This year also those 3 teams didn`t played in Asian competition and now they will return to the Asian scene next year.

Pakhtakor established a record of not to lose any match of their domestic league this season, a great achievement for them.

Pakhtakor will try to advance to the final stages of the AFC Champions League next year with a team that has done very good this year and has kept a very good playing level too.

Altyn Asyr created history in Turkmenistan by winning their 1st ever domestic league and now next year they will play the AFC Cup Qualifiers dreaming to qualify for the group stage of the competition and fly the Turkmenistan flag very proudly, last time Turkmenistan clubs played in the group stage of the AFC Cup were in 2007 with HTTU Ashgabat and Nebitçi Balkanabat known now as FC Balkan who last year won the AFC President`s Cup.

also for Istiklol and Dordoi is ther 1st time they will play AFC Cup because last time they played in Asian competition were in the AFC President`s Cup in 2012 in which Istiklol claimed the champion in home soil where all matches were played at Central Republican stadium(Республиканский центральный стадион “Памир”) in Dushanbe.

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