Ahal in AFC Cup

History was made and Turkmenistan will be present once again at the AFC Cup group stage with Ahal winning the qualifying playoff vs Omanian champions Fanja, last time that Turkmenistan had a representation at AFC Cup was in 2007

Ahal started the road to qualifying for the group stage with an encounter at home soil against Kyrgyz champions Dordoi, the Turkmens won 1-0 and surprised everyone because Dordoi was the favorite of everyone to advance from that leg.

1 week later Ahal played vs Fanja in Oman and it was the Turkmen team who scored early in the match to went 1-0 and minutes before the halftime they added another goal, in the 2nd half Fanja pulled back and scored but thwn Ahal scored again and put the score 3-1, Fanja battled from all fronts and they scored another goal from long range with 10 minutes before the match ends and putting more pressure to the Turkmen team but Ahal kept the Oman champions at bay with great saves from Turkmenistan international goalkeeper Nikita Gorbunov. When the referee blow for the end of the match scenes of jubilee was seen among the Turkmenistan players and coach because the dream was realized and for the 1st time in their history Ahal will play in the group stage.

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