Liechtenstein: FC Triesenberg historic cup final


Knowing that there are no league in Liechtensten, the cup serves as the only road for the champion to get an entry into the UEFA Europa League.

FC Triesenberg reached the Liechtenstein final for the 1st time in their history, dreaming to become the Liechtenstein Cup champions they started they journey on August 27, 2014 when they beat Schaan II 2-0, then they beat the reserve teams from Liechtenstein clubs that compete in the tournament, in 2nd round they beat Eschen/Mauren III 1-0, in quarterfinals they beat Balzers II 2-0, ntil that they had an easy campaign but then came the semifinal and in that stage they played vs FC Vaduz U-23, extratime was needed for Triesenberg to win 1-0

in the final they encounter powerhouse FC Vaduz, the previous meetings between both teams was in the Liechtenstein Cup semifinals in 2011-2012 when FC Vaduz won 3.1, in 2010-2011 FC Vaduz won 8-0, in this years final FC Vaduz reaffirmed their condition of favorites and they won 5-0 and with this they`ll play UEFA Europa League next season but for FC Triesenberg the fact that they reached the final were a great merit because they were always dreaming to reach that stage and they did it but sadly they couldn`t won the cup, they did all their best.

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