2016 AFC Cup Playoffs qualifiers Matchday 1

AFC-Cup-2016-Playoff_Group-B_M1_863x478 (1)k-electric vs druk12

FC Alga Bishkek has started in the right track their quest to reach next year´s qualifying playoff with a win vs Benfica Macau 2-0 while Druk United were near to shock everybody because they were at minutes of getting an historic victory that would have been the 1st victory ever of a Bhutanese team in any AFC competition but at the end they drew 3-3 vs K-Electric.

Benfica Macau vs FC Alga Bishkek

alga golalga vs benfica6 alga vs benfica7 alga vs benfica8alga2alga18

K-Electric vs Druk United

k-electric vs druk9 k-electric vs druk11k-electric vs druk7k-electric vs druk10

druk golk-electric vs druk3

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