2016 AFC Cup Qualifying Playoff records and statistics


Kyrgyzstan and Bangladesh renew their encounter but this time at club competition, at FIFA World Cup qualifiers Kyrgyzstan won vs Bangladesh 3-0 in Dhaka and now Alga will play against Sheikh Jamal.

At the AFC President´s Cup 2011 Neftchi Kochkor Ata won 2-0 vs Abahani Limited and in 2010 Dordoi Dynamo draw 0-0 vs Abahani Limited Dhaka.

FC Alga Bishkek becomes the 10th Kyrgyz club to play AFC Competition, in the recent years different Kyrgyz clubs have played mostly at AFC President´s Cup, Dordoi being the most successful winning 2 AFC President´s Cup in 2006 and 2007.

Khoromkhon is the 2nd Mongolian team to play AFC Competition after Erchim who made their maiden debut at the AFC President´s Cup 2012.

Encounters between Pakistan and Bhutanese clubs has been permanent, the last one was at the AFC President´s Cup 2013 KRL won 8-0 vs Yeezdin.

Last encounter between clubs from Pakistan and Mongolia was at the AFC President´s Cup 2012, KRL draw 0-0 vs Erchim.

K-Electric is the 8th Pakistani club to play AFC competition.

Sheikh Russel is the 6th club from Bangladesh to play AFC Competition.

Benfica Macau is the 8th club from Macau to play AFC Competition.

Druk United is the 5th club from Bhutan to play AFC Competition.

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