2016 AFC Cup Qualifying Playoff Matchday 2

In the 2nd day of action Pakistan champions K-Electric got a very important result that put them as firm favorites to reach the qualifing playoff, they won 1-0 vs Mongolian champions Khoromkhon, the Mongolians despite being this their debut in AFC competition also gets eliminated quickly with this result because even if they win vs Druk United the win isn´t enough for them to reach the qualifying playoff next year. The winner of this group will be decided on Saturday when Druk United play vs Khomronkhon, if Druk United wins by more than 1 goal, they will qualify because of better goal difference but if Khomromkhon wins or if the match ends in a draw then K-Electric will be the group winner.

if K-Electric and Druk United are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings.

  1. Greater number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned;
  2. Goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned;
  3. Greater number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned;
  4. Goal difference in all the group matches;
  5. Greater number of goals scored in all the group matches;
  6. Kicks from the penalty mark if only two teams are involved and they are both on the field of play;
  7. Fewer score calculated according to the number of yellow and red cards received in the group matches (1 point for a single yellow card, 3 points for a red card as a consequence of two yellow cards, 3 points for a direct red card, 4 points for a yellow card followed by a direct red card);
  8. Drawing of lots.

In the other match Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd. won easily vs Macau champions Casa Benfica 3-0 who with this result are eliminated and with this win the champions of Bangladesh, Sheikh Jamal puts themselves in pole position to reach the qualifying layoff but the decider will be on Saturday when Sheikh Jamal and FC Alga be face to face each other, the winner will reach the qualifying playoff the next, the draw qualifies Sheikh Jamal because at this moment they have better goal difference.

Saturday will be a very exciting day that will decide the 2 teams who will continue next year their quest to reach the AFC Cup group stage, its all between FC Alga, Sheikh Jamal, K-Electric or Druk United.

khoromkhon vs k-electricsheikh jamal vs benfica

afc cup4 afc cup5

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