Uzbekistan – Dawn of a New Era (Part 1)

Sandals For Goalposts

As September and the latest round of World Cup / Asian Cup qualifiers draws ever closer, Tom Danicek tries to set the mood in your living room with his special feature on Uzbekistan and their youth. In the first part, he takes a look at the recent U-20 World Cup and some of their outstanding prospects…

Uzbekistan is a bit of an odd one out as far as the Asian footballing scene is concerned, isn’t it? You talk about the Middle East, the Far East, India or Australia as stand-alone subjects… but you barely talk about Uzbekistan. It doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, not even in a simplistic West-East perspective.

Uzbekistan is just different. Irrevocably associated with the former Soviet Union, hence carrying a touch of Eastern European scent. Widely respected albeit not featuring at a single World Cup or at least in an international play-off in their history. Producing distinguished talents without registering a club side with…

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