This place is historic!

Lobitos, Peru


IF YOU believed everything you read on internet forums the world would be a pretty boring place, mainly because you wouldn’t go anywhere. You gotta wonder about some of these kooks who write shit on the internet (yes I realise that includes me). If I’d believed the things I’d read about Lobitos on the internet – that there was a good chance I’d get bashed, dropped in on constantly and all my shit would get stolen – I never would’ve rocked up here. Likewise, If I’d believed the place looked as if it was ‘straight out of a horror movie‘, like this paranoid kook wrote on their blog, I would’ve steered well clear of the town. But I didn’t believe the naysayers and when I leave here this week my stay will have totalled around 40 days – the longest I’ve stayed put in any one place on this trip.

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