2018 FIFA WCQ/2019 Asian Cup Joint Qualifiers Matchday 6 Preview

AFC FWCQ_banner_280x160

A new matchday of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers is coming and here are the previews

In group B Kyrgyzstan receive Bangladesh looking to get another 3 important points, in the match in Dhakka Kyrgyzstan won 3-0, Tajikistan visit Jordan going to win it and to keep hopes to qualify for the next stage and Jordan playing again at home want to secure the 3 points playing in front of their fans while in Group C Turkmenistan receive Guam and will look to seek revenge from the match in Guam and win it to keep hopes alive.

Turkmenistan vs Guam

tkm vs guam tkm vs guam3tkm vs guam1 tkm vs guam1tkm vs guam2tkm shirt

tkm vs guam  tkm vs guam2 tkm vs guam3 tkm vs guam4 tkm vs guam5tkm team6

Kyrgyzstan vs Bangladesh

kgz vs ban kgz vs ban1

Jordan vs Tajikistan

jordan vs tjk

Here are the full matchschedule

Group A
Timor Leste v Malaysia
Palestine v Saudi Arabia

Group B
Kyrgyzstan v Bangladesh
Jordan v Tajikistan

Group C
Bhutan v Hong Kong
Qatar v Maldives

Group D
Turkmenistan v Guam
Oman v India

Group E
Singapore v Cambodia
Syria v Afghanistan

Group F
Vietnam v Thailand

Group G
Myanmar v Laos
Kuwait v Lebanon

Group H
DPR Korea v Yemen
Bahrain v Philippines

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