2018 FIFA WCQ/2019 Asian Cup Joint Qualifiers Matchday 6

AFC FWCQ_banner_280x160 afc fifa wcq

On this matchday Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan won their respective home matches and in this double matchday both teams got 6 important points that keep them in contention to qualify for the next round, meanwhile Tajikistan lose vs Jordan 3-0 in Amman, Hong Kong won in the last minute vs Bhutan, Singapore won vs Cambodia and Syria got an easy win that makes them group leaders.

Turkmenistan vs Guam 2-1

Turkmenistan got a very important win thanks to a goal scored by Guvanch Abylov in the 16 minute.

tkm_gua_131015_gfx_8x4tkm bannertkm vs guam 1-0 tkm vs guam5tkm vs guam4tkm vs guam 1-0, kgz 1-0 ban live  tkm vs guam6tkm1

tkm2tkm3tkm4tkm vs guam7tkm5tkm6

tkmvgu1  tkmvgutkmvgu2 tkmvgu3 tkmvgu4tkm7


tkm vs guam8

Kyrgyzstan vs Bangladesh 2-0

Goals from Vitalij Lux and Ildar Amirov


kgz vs ban8 kgz vs ban3 kgz vs ban4 kgz vs ban5 kgz vs ban6 kgz vs ban7  kgz vs ban9 kgz vs ban10 kgz vs ban11kgz golkgz gol1kgz gol2

kgz tabla

Jordan vs Tajikistan 3-0

jor vs tjk3 jor vs tjk live

tjkjor vs tjk1

Bhutan vs Hong Kong 0-1


bhutan vs hk2bhutan vs hk7 bhutan vs hk6  bhutan vs hk4bhutan vs hk3bhutan vs hk5   bhutan vs hk8

Myanmar 3-1 Laos

mya_lao_131015_gfx_8x4 mya_rejoice_vs_laos_131015_8x4_afp

Syria 5-2 Afghanistan

syr vs afg

Bahrain 2-0 Philippines

bahrain vs filipinas

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