Australia FFA Cup 2nd semifinal, Melbourne Victory FC qualify or the final

australia ffa cup1   hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_8ld15ujml8xg1ngzzacuxy1fk

hume vs melbourne

Melbourne Victory FC confirmed their favoritism and won 3-0 vs Hume City FC and will play the FFA Cup final at home vs Perth Glory next November 7th.

australia ffa cup final1 australia ffa cup final2 australia ffa cup final3 hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_49uz9fm8u2tn1c2dtx8b03s2z  hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_h5mjdtdz8wq918ygp1jlsprfp hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_q4n3hmuosjwe1g8zkwu50sg57 hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_tgxpc5bw3xjg1kaa32aakjoew hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_16jsxz4h3ntcg1ihtilnnyojp2hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_tzehx115o5d31c8evn879jj6g hume-city-v-melbourne-victory_oujbpavz8fat1vrinkocbhdff

australia ffa cup final

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