AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers Playoff draw

afc asian cup 2019 playoffs

This draw will see rematch between Tajikistan and Bangladesh who met in Round 2, 1-1 in Dhaka and 5-0 the Tajiks won in Dushanbe and also 10 years ago in the AFC Challenge Cup final where Tajikistan became champions

Also there will be another rematch between Malaysia and Timor Leste.

The winner of each pairing (total five teams) will advance to the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 Qualifiers Final Round while the remaining five losing teams will join Bhutan in Qualifiers Playoff 2 (6 teams).

In Qualifiers Playoff 2, the 6 teams will form three pairings and play home and away matches against each other and the winner of each pairing (total 3 teams) will advance to Qualifiers Final Round.

Bhutan, meanwhile, were drawn against the loser of the Qualifiers Playoff I match between Tajikistan and Bangladesh. In this case all seems to be Bangladesh like the loser team because their record against the Tajiks have been always losing against them.

Tajikistan is clear favorite to win the tie


Qualifiers Play-Off I
PO 1.1 – Chinese Taipei v Cambodia
PO 1.2 – Maldives v Yemen
PO 1.3 – Tajikistan v Bangladesh
PO 1.4 – Malaysia v Timor-Leste
PO 1.5 – Laos v India

Qualifiers Play-Off II
PO 2.1 – Losing Team PO 1.2 v Losing Team 1.5
PO 2.2 – Losing Team PO 1.3 v Bhutan
PO 2.3 – Losing Team v PO 1.4 v Losing Team PO 1.1

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