Kosovo becomes new Member Association of UEFA!

kosovo joins uefa banner

Welcome to the UEFA Family Kosovo!

Its an historic day for Kosovo, the dream that came true and now Kosovo clubs and national teams in their different categories will enjoy of participating in UEFA Competitions

In the 40th UEFA Congress that took part in Budapest the voting process was as follows: 28 votes to 24 to accept Kosovo’s application. Two votes were declared invalid.

28 of UEFA’s members, the minimum necessary, voted in favour of Kosovo admission

The decision opens the way for Kosovo to join FIFA at their congress in Mexico City next week and if Kosovo is admitted they can take part in the 2018 World Cup qualifying competition.

“We will be able to bring people together through football,” Fadil Vokrri, Kosovo’s federation president and a former international player for Yugoslavia, said. “This is our vision for the future.”

Fadil Vokrri, president of the Football Federation of Kosovo, said the result was a “historic moment.”

From now means that the Kosovar Raiffeisen Superliga champion will qualify for the UEFA Champions League and will begin in the 1st qualifying round as well as the Kosovo Cup winner that will start in the UEFA Europa League 1st qualifying round, the draw for both competitions will be made next month at UEFA Headquarters in Nyon.

kosovo joins uefa11


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