Kosovo Superleague started!

kosovo liga en uefa, fecha 1

Last weekend it was historic for Kosovo because of the season opening of their league(Raiffeisen Superliga)

This season is totally different from the previous one because now its like a new era for Kosovar football with Kosovo as the new UEFA member now their clubs can enter to European competitions the next season(2017-2018) and also finally the champion will have the opportunity to play the UEFA Champions League 1st qualifying round, this season(201617) Feronikeli he defending champions couldn´t enter because they didnpt meet the licensing criteria and also because of licensing requirements, and they could not provide a suitable stadium and UEFA did not allow them to play their home matches in a foreign country, the same also happened with the Kosovar cup champion.

Feronikeli is the defending champion but Prishtina the defending cup champion is the most decorated club with 10 league titles and will go with all their power to win their 11 title and also they want to be the 1st club who represents Kosovo in the UEFA Champions League.

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