WC Kuusamo: Severin Freund is back!



The second world cup competition was hosted, like yesterday, in Ruka. Today was a bit windy, but the competition started anyway, since the wind was not so hard.

The second competition day started with the qualification at 14:30 CET (15:30 LOC). All athletes had another chance to show their best performance here and 50 of them have jumped into the first round. Who was the best in the qualification?
It was Daniel Andre Tande, who jumped, in windy conditions,  135,5 meters which was enough for the first place in the qualification. Right after him was Dawid Kubacki from Poland, who had a lot of front wind and with the jump of 139 meters he managed to get the second place in the qualification. Third was Andreas Stjernen, teammate of the winner, who jumped the same as Daniel – 135,5 meters.

Since the qualification was exciting, we could not wait for the first round…

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