WC Lillehammer: Stoch again winner of the qualification



The weekend in Lillehammer (NOR) has finally begun for the men, where they will have two competitions: one tomorrow and one on Sunday.
Today was the time of the qualification, but first the athletes had two training rounds before.

The first training round started at 13.00 CET, but after the athlete Kento Sakuyama (JPN), they postponed the training to 14:00 due to strong wind conditions. We could see some long and some short jumps. The longest jump in the first training round went to Domen Prevc (SLO), who jumped 144.5 meters almost without any wind help (he got -0.6 points of wind compensation) and that is probably how he showed that he is going to fight for the podium tomorrow. Domen was ahead of Daniel André Tande (NOR), who jumped 130 meters. Surprise of the day was probably Vincent Descombes Sevoie (FRA), who jumped 142 meters, and that is how he got into…

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