WC Engelberg: Prevc unbeatable



What a competition today. This winter season has started with some good surprises. If I start listing them all, I will not finish till the New Year. Engelberg was full of different flags and people, supporting their favorites. Once again we could feel some Christmas spirit with the illuminated ski jump.

The first challenge for the ski jumpers was the qualification. Starting at 12.30 CET, 62 athletes fought for 50 golden tickets for the competition which started at 14.00 CET. The winner was the Milka mannequin, Andreas Wellinger, followed by Anders Fannemel and Richie Sonntag. The longest jumps belonged to already PQ Daniel Andre Tande and Domen Prevc – 140.5 metres.

The first round left us speechless. At least me. Can’t say what it was, maybe some wind of change, but Peter Prevc was out for the final round. Finishing 33th, he was put behind the fence, watching the second…

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