WC Wisla: Freitag wins Friday the 13th qualification



After a short break, the first stop after the Four Hills Tournament is Wisla. Today’s qualification started at 17:45 CET and ended with a German victory.

Richard Freitag won the qualification round with a distance of 133 metres and 129.3 points ahead of Norway’s Andreas Stjernen with 125.8 points and an identical distance and Slovenia’s Jernej Damjan with 132.5 meters and 125.4 points.

Some of the notable absentees were Peter Prevc, who after deeming this year’s Four Hills Tournament a disappointment, decided to take the weekend off and go on a short vacation. He was replaced in the Slovenian team by the young Bor Pavlovčič who managed to qualify for the competition. Severin Freund (replaced by Andreas Wank), who already had to finish the tournament early due to flu, still seems to be feeling rather unwell and thus he has decided to leave Wisla out of his calendar and to rest…

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