Exploring Alsace: Sélestat, France!

Erin Elsewhere

So on Saturday a friend and I took the train from Strasbourg to Selestat, France with every intention of catching a Navette bus to Chateau Haut-Koenigsbourg. Little did we know, however, the castle as seasons, and it was closed! Since we came all the way here though, we explored the town of Selestat a for a few hours before grabbing a train back. So here’s what we did! (Note: there is more to do than what we did! I will add a footnote mentioning other possible things to see at the end of the post).

  • Chateau-d’eauchateau-deau
    • To be Honest, there isn’t really much history behind this one. It is literally just a water tower that began construction in the late 1800s and finished in the early 1900s due to a need for clean drinking water. It’s picturesque though, right?
  • La Tour d’Horloge/Tour Neuvetour sel.jpg
    • This clock tower with many names (“Clock…

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