Fussball Ostalgie



This season (2016-17) marks the 25 anniversary of the last participation of the DDR (East Germany) clubs in UEFA competition, season 1991-92 (European Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Intertoto Cup)

The last participants were Hansa Rostock, Rot Weiss Erfurt, Hallescher FC, Eisenhüttenstadt FC Stahl and Energie Cottbus

The reunification already happened by the time when Hansa played vs FC Barcelona but Hansa started that season competing in the DDR Oberliga and at the middle of the season by October the reunification took part and the next month in November (20 Nov 1990) DFV (Deutsche Fussball-Verband) the East German football association was dissolved and on that same day became the NOFV (Nordostdeutscher Fussballverband) and as the DDR ceased to exist on October 3rd as a sovereign country the championship continued but with the denomination of NOFV Oberliga and Hansa Rostock won it and also as the last East German champion qualified for the European Cup and also for the Bundesliga 1991-92

Hansa was the last East german championto win a European cup match in home soil, they won 1-0 vs FC Barcelona and after that until now Hansa has not qualified again to an European competition (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League)

Hansa Rostock vs FC Barcelona

hansa ucl2

hansa ucl6

hansa vs barca3

hansa vs barca2

Hallescher FC vs Torpedo Moscow



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