Saturday of domestic cup finals, BVB and PSG among the winners


DFB Pokal Finale

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Dortmund 1-2

Finally BVB won the DFB Pokal after some years where they always reached the final but by some reason they couldn´t win it and this time they finally did it, the last time they won it was in 2012.




Coupe de France

coupe de france 2016-17 finale angers vs psg

In the centenary edition of the tournament PSG claimed the trophy against Angers who played a very good match and were near to extend the match to extra time but PSG won it in the 88th minute.

angers vs psg, finale1

Tag der Amateure


dfb tag der amateure 2017 results

There were plenty of action in every corner of Germany and now we know all the champions from every regional cup, all the champions qualify directly fr the DFB Pokal 2017-18.

There were many surprises, one of them happened in Sudwest where SV Morlautern defeated the favorite Wormatia Worms and 1.FC Saarbrucken won the Saarlandpokal and they return to the DFB Pokal after some seasons without participating in the tournament.

BFC Dynamo ist Berlinpokal Meister 2016-17!!

dfb tag der amateure berlin, viktoria vs bfc dynamo6

BFC Dynamo returns to the DFB Pokal after winning to their readitonal rivals Viktoria 3-1, It was a very interesting game in which Viktoria wanted to win again the title that they were defending but BFC Dynamo prevailed as the most strongest side in these final.

Their last participation in the DFB Pokal was in the edition 2015-16

dfb tag der amateure berlin, viktoria vs bfc dynamo1

dfb tag der amateure berlin, viktoria vs bfc dynamo

dfb tag der amateure berlin, viktoria vs bfc dynamo4

SV Morlautern ist Südwestpokalsieger!

sv morlautern

dfb tag der amateure sudwest worms vs morlautern


SV Morlautern defied all the odds and and won against Wormatia Worns who were the favorites to win the Bitburger Verbandspokal in a memorable day, a modest club from a district of Kaiserslautern who plays in the Oberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar (5th division)

Now SV Morlautern will play the 1st round of the DFB Pokal for the first time in their more than 100 years history

dfb tag der amateure sudwest worms vs morlautern2

sv morlautern vs wormatia