Historic and magnific victory from Racing Strasbourg 2-1 vs PSG!!!

racing vs psg5

PSG, le geant est tombé!!! Enorme exploit du Racing! Magnifique et historique victoire!!!

PSG fell!

Amazing performance from Racing with fighting spirit and the support not only from all the assistants to the Stade de la Meinau, also from all the region of Alsace, All the match was a real battle also with 9 minutes of added time, something totally crazy and never seen in Ligue 1! Da Costa opened the score early in the match while Mbappe equalized mintes before the end of the 1st half but in the 2nd half Bahoken with an impressive run and then a powerful shot beat Areola to put Racing on the lead and then PSG became an offensive wave in search of the equalizer but Kamara and all the Racingmen were concentrated on defending that narrow lead, in one of the PSG approaches Kamara got a bit injured and then he had to be replaced by Oudkidja who did a very good performance making important saves.

All the entire world is talking about this, for Strasbourg this day will be always remembered.

This loss of PSG is the 1st so far in this season (European and domestic competitions) meaning that Racing has ahieved the unthinkable.

When the referee blew his whistle all the stadium exploded in joy and happiness because of this historic achievement that will be always remembered not only for Racing fans, also in all Alsace.

racing vs psg, le equipe portada

racing vs psg, uefa

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