European confrontations history between East German and Russian clubs

uefa europa league trophy

Despite RB Leipzig wasn´t founded in DDR times they´re the sole team from Est Germany wh is competing in Europe and they will play vs FC Zenit and this match recalls the memories of the former DDR teams who played against teams from the former USSR in UEFA competitions.

They´ve met in UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup Winners Cup and in the European Champions Club Cup now called the UEFA Champions League

UEFA Cup Winners Cup 1971-1972 semifinals: BFC Dynamo vs Dinamo Moskva, Dinamo won 4-1 on penalties

UEFA Cup 1974-75 2nd Round: Dynamo Dresden vs Dynamo Moskva

UEFA Cup 1975-76 3rd Round: Dynamo Dresden vs Torpedo Moskva

UEFA Cup 1984-85 2nd Round: 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig vs Spartak Moskva

UEFA Cup 1991-92: Hallescher FC vs Torpedo Moskva