Kyrgyzstan Cup 2015 Champions Abdysh Ata Kant

kgz2kgz cup



In a match played in Tsentralnyi stadium in Kant, Abdysh Ata Kant has become the new Kyrgyz Cup champion after beating Nashe Pivo 3-1 Abdysh Ata Kant now have 4 titles won in total (2007, 2009, 2011 and 2015).

Goals: Abdysh Ata: Farhad Musabekov, Olubasen Aleriva, Rustem Usanov (x2)

Nashe Pivo: Zamir Molondarov, Esenkul uulu

This was the road to the final for both teams


The lineups from both teams

abdysh vs nashe

Pictures from the match


abdysh chempion2 abdysh chempon

abdysh5 abdysh6 abdysh7 abdysh8 abdysh9 abdysh10 abdysh11 abdysh12 abdysh chempion1abdysh chempion

and a great show of gesture Fair Play was made by Nashe Pivo players that after the award ceremony went to congratulate to Abdysh Ata players and players from both teams took a picture to testimony that nice gesture.


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