AFC Champions League 2015 Uzbek Teams

acl15 uzbek teams

Its the 1st time that Uzbekistan have 4 clubs represented at AFC Champions League since its played in their current format from 2002-03

Before this in 2012 were the only time that Uzbekistan had the most amount of representatives in the competition with 3 teams(Pakhtakor, Bunyodkor and Nasaf) now this year this number has increased to 4 thanks to Bunyodkor who won their qualiying playoff vs Al Jazira from UAE.


Pakhtakor returns to the competition since the last time they played that was in 2013.

Bunyodkor will play the competition for the 7th consecutive time.

Nasaf Qarshi returns to the competition since the last time they played that was in 2012.

Lokomotiv Tashkent are making their debut in the Group Stage, last year they played the playoff round but lose it vs Kuwait SC.

on Matchday 1 Pakhtakor and Nasaf will play against Iranian teams at home and the other 2 ones Bunyodkor and Lokomotiv Tashkent will play away vs Saudi teams Al Nassr and Al Hilal respectively at King Fahd stadium in Riyadh.

Pakhtakor vs Naft Tehran(Iran) (Feb 24)

Nasaf Qarshi vs Tractorsazi Tabriz(Iran) (Feb 25)

Al Nassr(KSA) vs Bunyodkor (Feb 24)

Al Hilal(KSA) vs Lokomotiv Tashkent (Feb 25)


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